Address from George Freeman MP

Afternoon,  Making sure we end the Brexit chaos.  

I wanted to drop you a line following our well attended AGM last week, to thank so many people for coming to support all of us in elected office for the Party, and to reiterate my continued commitment to find a solution to end the Brexit chaos in Westminster. 

(I spent the whole of Friday outside supermarkets across Mid Norfolk listening and talking to voters and it was clear that whilst views remain very divided, everyone wants us to find a sensible solution and move on and get back to proper government.)

I have today written a strong piece on the Conservative Home website insisting that we have to find a Brexit solution that most voters can accept, so that we can end the damaging Brexit “civil war”, restore proper Government (and Cabinet collective responsibility) and get back to tackling the urgent domestic policy challenges voters want us to tackle.  (Not least to prevent our councillors on May 2nd walking into a firestorm of anger caused by the Brexit chaos).

As per my MNCA briefings, and the discussion at the AGM, I remain 100% committed to implementing Brexit, 100% opposed to a 2nd Referendum, and 100% committed to trying to do that in the way which works best for the majority of the 74,000 constituents I was elected to serve.  

I continue to believe strongly that the “Common Market 2.0” Brexit Plan B, which would replace the N Irish backstop with membership of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA), would be the Brexit which best reflects the Leavers of Mid Norfolk who repeatedly told me  “I voted for / want to be in a Common Market not a Political Union”. 

As discussed I understand and hear the frustration of those who believe that we should just walk off with NoDeal but I continue to believe that would seriously damage our Party’s reputation for economic and governmental competence, hit Mid Norfolk constituents working on low incomes in food, farming, haulage, manufacturing and public services, and increase the likelihood of a Corbyn government. 

My Conservative Home article is here

I’m delighted that we have a strong new team of Councillors at the MNCA, with Cllr Bill Borrett as our Chairman, and Cllrs Claire Bowes and Paul Claussen as Deputies.  I believe closer working between Cllrs and MPs is key to both tacking big local challenges, and winning elections.  

I’m also delighted to have helped recruit five new Vice Chairs to help with our initiatives to launch new MNCA branches for: 

Young Conservatives: Arron Gatley, Griston

Working women: Tina Kiddell, Watton 

Business: Eric Warnes, Wymondham

Members: Cllr Taize Hewett, Shipdham 

Conservative Policy Forum: Tom Fenwick, Wymondham

Thanks to our excellent team of Officers and volunteers, we are now the largest Association in Norfolk, and as the AGM showed, held together by a strong shared belief in the role of the Conservative Party as the natural party of Government. 

Thank you for all your many messages of support at this very difficult time.  




George Freeman MP

MP for Mid Norfolk