Claire Bowes - WATTON

Claire has been the Watton Division representative at Norfolk County Council since November 2015 and is an impassioned advocate for democracy at all levels. Having become increasingly disillusioned with the usurping of Westminster's ability to control our country's future way in the world, she voted to leave the EU in June 2016 referendum.

She has lived and worked in the Watton and Wayland area most of her life, raising her three children there. She has been privileged to represent Watton at Breckland District Council, for the past 10 years. 

Dedicated to what she believes is a special part of Breckland and Norfolk Claire is keen that the heritage of the Wayland area is both promoted and preserved.

She is a dedicated supporter of local community charities and organisations and as such volunteers as Secretary to the Wayland Agricultural Society, continuing a family association with Wayland farming and the local food industry stretching back three generations

Icknield Lodge, Hilborough, Norfolk IP26 5BG  Telephone 07789796937




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