Helen Crane & Theresa Hewett - your candidates for Saham Toney Ward

Helen Crane and Theresa Hewett are delighted to stand together to represent you at Breckland District Council. Helen's experience as a Farm Secretary, active partner in the family farm, and running her craft studio gives her a good insight into the needs of a rural community. Helen serves as a Charity Trustee, was a School Governor and is currently on the PPG at Shipdham Surgery.  Helen has a particular interest in environmental Issues, young people and vulnerable groups.
Theresa has served the ward for two years as District Councillor, advising on a variety of issues including planning, litter, grant funding and accessing services.  She has a broad knowledge of the issues facing rural villages. A part-time teacher, Theresa, has 19 year old twins, is a Dementia Champion and sits on the Deanery Synod. "Local voices are key to making the right decisions for local people. We would be honoured to work together as your Councillors."