Linda Monument, William Richmond & Alison Webb - your candidates for Dereham Neatherd

Linda Monument is a retired Legal Executive. She is a grandmother and dog walker; a good listener, passionate about local planning issues. Linda serves on Breckland's Governance & Audit and Licensing committees and is a long standing member of Dereham Town Council. Linda says, "I know we cannot avoid change, so I try to ensure Dereham benefits by the changes." William Richmond was first elected to Breckland in 2011, and has continued to work tirelessly for local residents in Dereham over the last eight years. He has campaigned for the protection of public open 
spaces such as Neatherd Moor and Etling Green. Elected to Norfolk County Council in 2013 he has been busy on council committees on Dereham's behalf. Alison Webb was first elected to Breckland in 2015 and is Cabinet member for People & Information with a strong reputation for fighting the community's corner. A trustee of Dereham Windmill for 8 years delivering its restoration with the erection of the community hall and has organised many events.  Alison says, "I will keep standing up for local residents and what they care about, to make Dereham a better place for all. "