Nigel Wilkin - your candidate for Necton Ward

Nigel Wilkin was born in Norfolk and is proud to have called Necton his home for over 40 years. 
Nigel and his wife Colleen raised their family there and he runs a business from his home in Necton. 
First elected to Breckland Council in 1995, Nigel has served in various capacities which have given him a wide ranging insight into the many groups and organisations in Breckland,Norfolk and further afield.
Nigel is currently Chairman of the Planning Committee.  
Nigel says "It has been an honour to represent Necton at Breckland District Council. I care deeply about the Necton area and, if re-elected, I promise will stand up and continue  fighting for our community as I have done over the past 20 years."
He added, "with testing times ahead, now is not the time to install just anybody as a firm responsible person is needed more than ever before."