Trevor Carter - your candidate for Hermitage Ward

Former soldier and local teacher, Trevor Carter considers that is has been a great privilege representing Hermitage Ward during the past 8 years. In that time he has focused his energies in dealing with the many issues residents have tasked him with.
Angela Oswald commented: " I cannot speak too highly of Trevor. He gives a great deal of time to council business and works tirelessly for those who seek his help."
Those who know Trevor are aware that he feels passionately about the Ward and his role in it. He works tirelessly against the scourge of fly-tipping and the dumping of vehicles and is often the first to find these sites.
Sally Dye of Whissonsett Parish Council says: " Trevor is always willing to listen, to advise and represent our parishioners. He has a sound understanding of our rural community and is genuinely interested in our issues, big and small."