About us

Jamie Athill - Chairman  -  Tom Fenwick DC Political  -  Robert Hambidge DC Membership and FInance  Hilary Gauthier - Admin Assistant  

The Mid Norfolk Association cover the area in Norfolk from Attleborough in the south up to Colkirk in the north and from Ashill in the West to Wymondham in the East.  

The branches are responsible for a large amount of the Association's work in campaigning and fundraising. They undertake canvassing, deliver literature and organise events, as well as holding frequent membership drives.

Supporting our fundraising activities is as important a way of helping the Association as any other. It might seem that we are always asking for money, but most of the party's funds come from the subscriptions and the efforts of our members. Unlike the Labour Party, we are not bankrolled by the Unions; we rely solely on donations from people like you.

The Association is organised as follows:

  • An Executive Council, which provides strategic direction to the Association. The executive is composed of the Constituency Officers, representatives from each branch, and the MP.
  • Management Committee who are responsible for managing the Association. The officers are Chairman, Deputy Chairman (Political), Deputy Chairman (Membership and Finance), Treasurer and a representative from each of the constituencies. These officers are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • A series of Branches that represent association members in each ward. Each branch has its own elected officers.