Staying Home and Staying Safe April / May 2020

Message to our Members on 27 April 2020

It was over a month ago that the Prime Minister announced the start of lockdown. I'm sure, like me, you were really pleased to see him back at Number 10 this morning ready to lead the country towards the resumption of something more like normal life.

As you know, the local councils have been working flat out over the past few weeks helping their communities.  At the outset, Norfolk County Council decided to get ahead of the curve and ordered in its own supplies of PPE rather than waiting for central procurement. This proved to be a very good decision and overall supplies have been well handled across the County. 

Norfolk is so good at just getting on with stuff and the rise of volunteer groups across the County is extremely impressive! If you do know of anyone who requires assistance, do let us know and we can pass on their details to the relevant organisation.

In the meantime, take care.

Bill Borrett  MNCA Chairman


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