George Freeman MP's letter to Members re Withdrawal Agreement

Happy New Year!  You will all be aware of how steamy Parliament is getting in the run up to the next Meaningful Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement.  We are now in the hands of our MPs.  

George Freeman, who we readopted as our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate before Christmas, spoke in Parliament yesterday (you can see his speech here  He has decided to back the Government's Withdrawal Agreement when it comes to a vote.  He has set out his thinking in the attached letter to me, which he is happy I share with the Association, and I also attach a copy of the Hansard report, both of which you may wish to read.

We have a wide range of opinions on all this in MNCA and it would be interesting to see where the balance of opinion now lies amongst our membership - so do please, if you wish, let me know your views.

best wishes,

Jamie Athill

Chairman, Mid-Norfolk Conservative Association


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