Week 3..... 14 campaigning days left to stop Corbyn Message from George

CAMPAIGN UPDATE! Fourteen campaigning days left to stop Corbyn.  It’s been a full-on three weeks of campaigning across the constituency in which I and a great team have:

✔️ Had teams out delivering my Calling Card and local newsletter in

  • Dereham
  • Watton
  • Attleborough
  • Wymondham
  • 12 of our 115 villages

✔️ Taken c. 30 man-hours of delivery into Norwich North and North Norfolk - our two KEY TARGET seats.

✔️ Hand-delivered c3000 leaflets to new housing estates outside Attleborough and Wymondham.

✔️ Raised £14,000 from local businesses and supporters so the whole campaign is now funded.

✔️ With Postal Votes arriving, I have raised the money to pay for 9000 Personal Letters to be delivered by Royal Mail to 9000 PV voters. (80% of PV voters return their ballot papers within 48 hours of receiving them and so this operation should give us a great platform as we go into Polling Day.)


It’s decision time.  Does the country want:

⚠️ More chaos in a hung Parliament with the LibDems & SNP

❌ The biggest Neo-Marxist Labour Tax and class war attack on hardworking businesses

? To get Brexit Done with a sensible Conservative Brexit Deal that works for us ALL.

NEXT PHASE - Can you help?

I am trying to get to as many of our 115 villages as possible to do my “knock and drop” - visiting the local Village Shop, Pub, Club and knocking on as many houses as I can. 

CAN YOU either

  2. JOIN ME HERE IN MID NORFOLK?    Dates below:

·Tuesday (26th November) – A team will be meeting at 10am in the Waitrose Car Park in Wymondham (NR18 0SH) to “knock and drop” on the nearby Whispering Oaks estate.

·Thursday (28th November) – We will be rendezvousing at 10.30am in the Queens Square Car Park in Attleborough (NR17 2AZ) before heading to canvass in some of the town’s new housing for a couple of hours.

·Thursday (28th November) – We will later be meeting at 3.30pm outside The Buck in Morley St Botolph (NR18 9AA) to “knock and drop” in Morley for an hour or so.

·Friday (29th November) – I will be out at 11am in Wymondham Market Place (NR18 0AX) with a group handing fliers to local businesses and shoppers.

·Friday (29th November) – We will then be moving on to Litcham for the afternoon. We will be canvassing from 1.30pm before meeting up once again at The Bull for a Politics in the Pub at 5pm. (Finished in time for everyone to get back and watch the evening’s televised debate!)

·Saturday (30th November) – I will once again be leading a team to Holt to help canvass for Duncan Baker in North NorfolkCurrent plans are to meet in Budgens Car Park (NR25 6DN) at 10am for a couple of hours out on the beat!

·Saturday (30th November) – We will later be returning to Dereham for an afternoon of leafleting in some of the new housing there – rendezvousing first at The Cherry Tree Car Park (NR19 2EW) at 2pm.

As ever, any support you might be able to give out on the campaign trail would be hugely appreciated.

Please do just let me know when/where you are planning to join me so that I know who to look out for/update if any of the plans have to change!

Very best,


George Freeman

Conservative Candidate for Mid Norfolk


8 Damgate Street | Wymondham | NR18 0BQ

01953 600 617 |